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  • HN: Push ‘if’ up and ‘for’ down

    , Note: I rewrote a horrendous scheduler implementation a few months ago. It was an absolute mess of logic branches hidden deep down in small OOP methods. Turned it into a series of function calls in a single ‘main’ while loop using the pattern above (although I didn’t have a snazzy name for it at…

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  • rust-pinger service status slack notifications


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  • [aws] docs


    Need these for some part-time work Launch Templates Spot Fleet Scaling EC2 Auto Scaling Limits EC2 Spot Instance Requests Launch template –> AMI User data MIME scripts Static (Elastic) IPs AWS EC2 autoscaling (external blog guide) [StackOverflow] literally the point of Spot Instances AWS SLA AWS…

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  • [scala] slack client api


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  • [hn[ front end redesigns are stupid

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  • [hn] the columbo method


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  • [hn] block stackoverflow clone for DDG


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  • [hn] music theory for nerds

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  • remarkable


    Folks keep telling me I probably have some form of ADHD and the wealth of random pieces of paper that I scribbled on 14 months ago yet still occupy space in my living room may attest to that. So this might be a worthy £400 expenditure to solve the “paper” problem without buying a full…

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  • prairie fire

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    Been heavily into the Arma 3 CDLC recently and an excerpt of this harrowing recording is played at the end of the co-op missions   This is a recording of two Recon Teams (RT’s) who are in dire straits. Both RT’s are loosing a battle wherby death is immenient.   RT Colorado is the…

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  • auth0 jupyterhub authenticator


    i’m sysadmin of some linux gpu servers in the phd working group and having to manually setup new users is a massive PITA. a few options for replacements Auth0 Authentication account required will it be able to communicate with servers behind firewalled school of computing network? KeyCloak OIDC / OAuth2 Authentication functional+tested implementation…

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  • sig-mlops

    , This is a public list for the CDF MLOps SIG. All meetings and discussions are held in the open, and everyone is welcome to join. The current membership, calendar, and meeting documents can be found at the Sig-MLOps 2021 roadmap speaks volumes to me and my experience as a machine learning phd student… At…

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  • “hacker laws”

    , the robustness principle is pretty apt for adversarial example research….

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  • linux find

    Write this up as a response to someone on hackernews but didn’t submit it. Dumping here for reference… search for exact pattern in all basenames find . -name “<pattern>” search for pattern at the start of basenames find . -name “<pattern>*” search for pattern at the end of basenames find . -name “*<pattern>” search for…

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  • github/coqui-ai: mitigating tts misuse discussion

    original posted here: I’ve spent most of my PhD figuring out ways to attack Mozilla DeepSpeech but my PhD supervisor and I spent some time discussing this topic for generative image models so I’m gonna chip in here… I’ll heavily caveat: I’m not up to speed on TTS in the slightest (abusing properties of…

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  • aws lightsail – wordpress site

    Raison D’Etre I used to use GitHub pages to host a very minimal (only HTML and CSS) personal webpage. But I’ve always struggled to keep track of interesting links and/or music, so have consistently been on the lookout for a suitable application / methodology to keep track of such things. Turns out an application/methodology already…

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