Month: February 2022

  • stack overflow dev survey 2021

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  • pulumi  

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  • rust-pinger service status slack notifications


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  • [aws] docs


    Need these for some part-time work Launch Templates Spot Fleet Scaling EC2 Auto Scaling Limits EC2 Spot Instance Requests Launch template –> AMI User data MIME scripts Static (Elastic) IPs AWS EC2 autoscaling (external blog guide) [StackOverflow] literally the point of Spot Instances AWS SLA AWS…

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  • [aws] intro to automated reasoning

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  • [hn] docker optimisation guide (top 12)

    Docker optimization guide: the 12 best tips to optimize Docker image security  

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  • [hn] ssh-tools

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  • [scala] slack client api


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  • [hn[ front end redesigns are stupid

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  • [hn] the columbo method


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  • [hn] block stackoverflow clone for DDG


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  • [hn] music theory for nerds

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  • go tell aunt rhody

    , @ 1:05 there’s also a lovely vox cut using a trick i use pretty extensively on samples… nice to see someone else using it.

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  • (an adapted) godwin’s law on hacker news

    zoom related hacker news submissions generally tend to draw out the crypto-blockchain-secure-all-the-things-even-if-it-means-i-have-to-wear-a-tinfoil-hat-to-work-becuase-they’re-all-spying-on-me crowd. the likelihood of an individual blaming “CHINA” for all the things is proportional to the number of comments on such submissions, which is proportional to the amount of time a submission spends on the front page. given enough time someone will…

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  • muff->mod wigglers

    when did this name change happen?!

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  • new mice [bought]

    my mouse is shockingly bad at at higher sensitivity settings so cloud do with a new wirless mouse, currently logitech looking like the likely long term likely choice (anyone know of a synonym for choice that begins with the letter l?) update — went for this one becuase (a) it’s cheaper (b)…

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  • remarkable


    Folks keep telling me I probably have some form of ADHD and the wealth of random pieces of paper that I scribbled on 14 months ago yet still occupy space in my living room may attest to that. So this might be a worthy £400 expenditure to solve the “paper” problem without buying a full…

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  • [dauw] jason kolar – liquid rhythm

    Liquid Rhythm by Jason Kolàr

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  • komischer laufer – vols. 1-4

    Volume One by Kosmischer Läufer Volume Two by Kosmischer Läufer Volume Three by Kosmischer Läufer Volume Four by Kosmischer Läufer

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  • [seil] jogging house – weight

    Weight by Jogging House

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  • [seil] hainbach – home stories

    Home Stories by Hainbach

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  • [dauw] midori hirano – soniscope

    Soniscope by Midori Hirano

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  • abul mogard – in a few places along the river

    In a Few Places Along the River by Abul Mogard

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  • program change messages from ableton live

    I always forget how to set this up — especially in newer versions of ableton where the UI has changed around

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  • prairie fire

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    Been heavily into the Arma 3 CDLC recently and an excerpt of this harrowing recording is played at the end of the co-op missions   This is a recording of two Recon Teams (RT’s) who are in dire straits. Both RT’s are loosing a battle wherby death is immenient.   RT Colorado is the…

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  • elektron manuals


    I always forget the links for these OctaTrack: Analog Four:

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