(an adapted) godwin’s law on hacker news

zoom related hacker news submissions generally tend to draw out the crypto-blockchain-secure-all-the-things-even-if-it-means-i-have-to-wear-a-tinfoil-hat-to-work-becuase-they’re-all-spying-on-me crowd.


the likelihood of an individual blaming “CHINA” for all the things is proportional to the number of comments on such submissions, which is proportional to the amount of time a submission spends on the front page.

given enough time someone will make a comparison to nazis (thank god for dang).

basically… there’s a lot of people who visit hacker news who may need some tin foil hats.

ergo, today’s safe money is in selling hacker news themed tin foil hats with statements like “i can smell your dark patterns without even viewing your website” or “all hail the holy signal protocol” et cetera et cetera.

hit me up if you’re interested in working on an exciting new tin foil based business adventure. i’m sure we can find a way to make it an open source company too.